Grrrls To The Front Party – Lock Keeper, Chester, Friday 10th June

If you’re in or around Chester and happen to enjoy live music, particularly riot grrl / punk / post-punk  / grunge , then this is an event you’ll not want to miss!!!……

Get yourselves down to the Lock Keeper, Canal Side in Chester (opposite The Slowboat ) tomorrow (10th June) for a night of full-on, in-your-face, bands with attitude. The Grrrls To The Front Party, curated & promoted by Hannah Golightly, aims to shine a spotlight on women involved in the music scene and encourage others to get active, by featuring all-female / mainly female groups or bands with a positive attitude to women.

The line-up for this first event includes Hannah Golightly herself long with her Imaginary Band, Deathsex Bloodbath, The Empty Page and Queen Zee & The Sasstones. Tickets are available on the door for just £5 and doors open at 7pm with the first act on shortly thereafter…..13418919_10153794102813042_3265537106769912156_n

So get on down and lend your support……….


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