Adventures In Music – 05.06.16-11.06.16

Greetings from sunny Chester ( that’s a lie, not the greetings, the sunny part ). It’s raining so hard it has taken out the satellite tv signal. So whilst the football is temporarily off lets have a few musical rays of sunshine instead.

This week’s Adventures begin with Irish singer/songwriter Martha Ffion. The track in question ‘Wallflower’, has been around for a few months but is well worth catching up with. A stirring blend of folk, indie and alt-rock influences that brings to mind singers such as Sharon Van Etten and Torres, the song has an uplifting, anthemic feel, bright melodies and warm vocals – Next stop is Montpellier and the latest from Theo Lefebvre aka You Are Number Six. ‘Tropic Of Love’ is a slice of retro heaven, beamed in directly from the 1980’s to save the world with the power of synths. This isn’t a pale pastiche, this is a full-on, loving homage to the sound of 80’s synth-pop – A rare visit to Chisinau in the Republic of Moldova is our next port of call. Formerly (possibly still?) known as Fluie Rush but now releasing music as NOROCO, the new track ‘different approach’, is a piece of electronica but this is messed-up, down and dirty, just ever so slightly ominous, the sheen scrubbed off – Over to Portugal and the new track from Isaura. ‘8 (eight)’ is an elegant, swirling synth-pop tune, that wraps itself around you and lets you sink into it – Final stop in Europe is Stockholm and the new track from electronic duo I Am Karate, ‘Lock’. The song comes complete with pop hooks aplenty, instantly catchy choruses and a happy, feelgood vibe to put a smile on your face – From Sweden it’s over the Atlantic to Canada. New from Hannah Georgas is ‘Waste’, a retro sounding indie/synth-pop belter, with a side order of funkiness to give it added strut on the dancefloor. This is one of those tracks that keeps on playing inside your head long after you’ve stopped listening to it – Another long hop, this time all the way to New Zealand and the city of Auckland to find BROODS. ‘Heartlines’ is a soaring, gently euphoric synth-pop number, built around Georgia’s breathy vocals –

Home shores for the next batch of tracks, beginning with Brighton based Phoria. ‘Loss’ begins simply, a sampled handclap, a muted humm. Then those delicate vocals come in before the track expands with piano and strings, the sound swelling to spine-tingling effect. The song, a mix of folk, electronica and ambient, is achingly beautiful and will have you wearing out the repeat button – Devon is home to singer Alice Jemima, whose latest track is ‘So’. This electro-infused pop number bubbles along nicely, pulled along by a persuasive bassline and her beguiling vocal – To London next and the latest from TUSKS. ‘Torn’ is a blissful, mellow electro-pop tune, with minimal beats and a soothing vocal – Staying in the capital and next up is a new one from NZCA LINES, ‘Oh…(Call Me Back)’. The track is a bouncy, electro-pop number, with a touch of funk adding to its vitality and the back & forth vocals also have a spark to them – Final UK track this week is courtesy of a hometown ( ie Chester ) band, Seegulls. The track in question is ‘The Right Light’ and it’s a driving, melodic indie-rock tune, with smartly worded lyrics and a potent energy urging the song forward –

Rounding off this week’s Adventures are a selection of songs from Stateside, starting with Echo Park’s Barrie Rose. Her latest ‘I Don’t Care/Getting Better’ is a woozy pop delight, with a touch of psychedelia weaved in amongst the hazy sounds –  Now based in LA, Melanie Martinez  has a new single, ‘Alphabet Boy’. This is another  darkly offbeat tune, with razor-sharp lyrics and a willingness to gleefully subvert pop norms. Clever and refreshing – Next up is a track from Syntherbelle, ‘On The Way To The Club’. This is a slice of atmospheric synth/dream-pop, that shimmers and slowly builds layers of sound – Also based in LA are three-piece The Big Gone. Their recent track ‘Hope Machine’ plays with the traditional alt-rock template, creating a sound reminiscent of bands such as Warpaint, with influences from shoegaze to psychedelia added to the mix. The end result is beguiling and very, very good indeed – Over to New York and a new tune from niia, ‘Bored To Death’. If you want an alternative take on pop then look no further as she brings her distinct sensibility to bear. The track has a dreamlike feel to it with her strong vocals guiding you through the mists – The penultimate song this week comes from Chicago’s drea vibe dealer. with her latest ‘Nobody’s Girl’. The track is electro-pop with a r&b/soulful feel to it and with the strong lyrics that I’ve come to expect from her music. Music for the mind as well as the soul – The final song takes us back to New York and the latest from Dominique. ‘Good Girl’ is a sharp electro-pop number, with shades of Lana Del Rey in its make-up. The lyrics pack a punch but they are wrapped in a velvet glove –

That’s all for another week. As always hope you’ve found something you like……..

Playlist –



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