Adventures In Music – 12.06.16-18.06.16

Wow it has been a busy week including a road-trip to Cardiff to see my friend Hannah Golightly supporting the wonderful Skating Polly on Wednesday, a little football match the following afternoon and another gig featuring Chester’s best bands Peaness and Campfire Social to round things off on Friday (reviews of both gigs have been posted). Amidst all that I still managed to listen to some new tracks that I felt needed to be shared (I know I am almost too good to be true!). So this week’s Adventures takes in six countries, beginning in Ronaldo’s favourite new country, Iceland………….

Reykjavik is home to the musical trio known as Samaris. ‘Black Lights’ is the title track from their recently released album and it’s mellow, downbeat blend of electronica, hip-hop beats and synth-pop. The vocals are hushed, half sung, half spoken as if not to disturb whatever is lurking outside in the dark . A track as cool as one of Iceland’s glaciers – Next stop is Berlin and a track from Anna Roxenholt aka NEW FOUND LAND. Her eponymous track is a slice of subtly seductive electro-pop, that worms its way almost unnoticed into your head till its synths and aural flourishes are reverberating around your brain, as the tune slowly builds and swells – Saying goodbye to Europe it’s all the way to Australia and firstly to Sydney. Sampa Tembo is a singer/songwriter, poet and visual artist who record as Sampa The Great. Her track ‘2 4’ is a hip-hop influenced number, with a stuttering, stop-start accompaniment that really hooks your attention and offers the perfect foil to her smooth vocal delivery – Melbourne is home to kathleenmarylee and her latest, ‘Hey,Very Good Friend’ is a wistful, quietly sorrowful folk number, beautifully sung and with very honest, open lyrics – Canada is the next destination and to the city of Montreal. Formerly a model, Charlotte Cardin decided instead to explore her musical talents. ‘Faufile’ is proof she has made the right decision, a hauntingly beautiful mix of jazz and soul. The song is built around a simple piano line and Charlotte’s exquisite, mournful vocal ensures this is a song you’ll keep returning to – Toronto next and another Charlotte, this time Charlotte Day Wilson. ‘After All’ is a mellow, soulful tune, with a big vocal performance that puts me in mind of Adele. A perfect tune for a lazy Sunday afternoon or for soothing your worries away –

Back to the UK for the next few songs, starting in London with a new track from Speech Debelle. After winning a Mercury music prize in 2009 for her debut album she faded from view a little but her new material, including ‘No War No Peace’, will have well and truly back in the game. The track fuses elements of jazz, hip-hop and soul (the sax is a standout) and with its smart, socially conscious lyrics this is a tune to make you sit up and take notice – ‘Embasan’ is the latest from RosesAreBlue and it’s an atmospheric, downbeat dream-pop tune, her soft, lilting vocal drawing you in – Staying in London the next of this weeks tracks comes from Kero Kero Bonito. ‘Break’ is just a delight, a J-pop homage to chilling and doing not much at all. It’s bright, vivid, slips easily between Japanese and English and contains the simple instruction “just move very slowly to the beat”. Candy coloured pop perfection – ‘Melt’ is the new song from JONES and if you’re after a summery, gossamer light soulful r&b track to wile away those hazy summer days to , then look no further. JONES has a voice that could bring a ray of warmth to the coldest, most miserable day – Breaking out of London we head to Devon to find Alice Jemima. ‘Diamonds & Bones’ is an alt-pop stunner, that sashays serenely along, nudged along by a plucked guitar and a dreamily enticing vocal – Finishing off back in London we have a new tune from CLUB KURU, ‘Tonight’. This is a trippy, psychedelic-tinged indie-pop number, complete with woozy guitars and dreamy harmonies –

Final country on this week’s round the world trip is the USA and first up is Nashville’s Ellery Bonham aka EZA. ‘Off The Record’ is a big pop tune that ticks all the boxes and cruises along on its hip-hop beats and bass-lines – On to Seattle and a track from La Maree. ‘Ocean of Light’ is a fragilely  beautiful song, her haunting vocal accompanied by just a piano to mesmerising effect – To the opposite coast and NYC’s LION BABE, whose new track ‘Endless Summer’ packs a real carnival vibe, a real fiesta feeling. I defy you to try and resist the urge not to shake your hips, wear an outrageous hat and drink an oversized cocktail whilst listening to this – Back  to Nashville for a second visit, this time for the latest from fleuriemusic. ‘Say It’s Gonna Be’ is a folk-tinged acoustic number that slowly melts in your ears and spirits you gently away – Up to Maryland next and a song from Maggie Rogers, ‘Alaska’. The track is a blend of folk and pop that has a spritely feel and skips happily along and has a nice, breathily ethereal vocal – Next port of call is Chicago and a new track from drea vibe dealer. entitled ‘caves.’. This artist consistently produces varied and original music and this is no exception, being a lo-fi, minimal, sparsely beautiful song that is however still completely captivating – Final tune this week comes from Philadelphia based Yleaf. ‘Goal-Done prod PDUB the Producer’ is a blissed-out hip-hop track, with lazy beats and vocodered vocals that’s in no hurry to get anywhere and is definitely chilled with a capital C –

That’s all for another week’s Adventures, hope you liked and that you’ll come back next week for more………

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