Singled Out – Elfin Bow, ‘The Wisdom’

Liverpool based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and artist Elfin Bow released her latest single on Monday 13th June. Entitled ‘The Wisdom’ the single is accompanied by a video shot in the grounds of Lowther Castle in Cumbria.

untitled-19 (1)

The inspiration behind the song comes from the journey Elfin aka Elizabeth Anne Jones is herself undergoing since ill-health ( she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia ) forced her to leave her job last year. It is, she says, about finding your own voice, rediscovering the confidence you had, despite the opinions of others around you and the realisation of the growing freedom that you gain through learning to trust yourself. These thoughts are encapsulated in the line in the chorus “It’s my own voice that has spoken, And I’m not broken”.

It’s a folk-influenced song and it’s a gentle, unhurried affair that leaves you feeling peaceful and at one with the world around you. Her warm, enchanting voice is clear and steadfast, reflecting her own determination to overcome the challenges in her life, for which her art and music are both outlets and enablers.The vocal sounds as if it is floating over the music, which includes a wonderful, restrained trumpet arrangement. The video is very much an extension of this and the visuals have a real fairy-tale, Alice In Wonderland quality to them. Song and video dovetail perfectly and together they are an absolute treat.

The song is taken from her forthcoming album which Elizabeth is funding via an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign ( click here for the link – ).

Watch her video here –!new-single-the-wisdom/c5qb


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