Adventures In Music – 19.06.16-25.06.16

A delayed round-up of all things good music wise again this week. I’ve been digesting and trying to make sense of the week’s events and having to negotiate special dispensation to continue to play European music…………… but I digress and rather than having another ‘I can’t believe what’s happened’ rant lets get on with the musical Adventures, beginning in an European but non-EU country……… hello Sweden!

First stop is Stockholm and a track from MIYNT, ‘The Strangest Game’. This track, a dreamy, indie-tinged pop number combined with the DNA of classic 60’s girl-groups, is quite frankly the epitome of cool. The music swirls slowly, tantalisingly, hypnotically, the vocals breathily working their magic. I’ve never had a song liked or retweeted so many times on Twitter after posting it last week. It is, simply, a beautiful track, one to immerse yourself in completely – Next destination is Ghent in Belgium and a track from Peter Boone aka Beau One, ‘Somethin Special’. This is the sound of alt-rock dipped in a big vat of psychedelia, evoking images of unicorns frolicking on rainbows, joss sticks and talking mushrooms as it leads you gently by the hand through a magical kingdom – All the way south of the equator to Australia for the next couple of tracks, starting with Adelaide’s MANE. ‘Ashes To The River’ is a folk tune with little more than an acoustic guitar to accompany her plaintive vocal, which rises and swells and sweeps you away on the softest of cushions – The next track, from Melbourne based LunaGhost, has been around for a few months but is certainly worth catching up with. ‘LDA’ is a fuzzy, psych/indie-rock track, all distorted vocals and buzzsaw guitars, very reminiscent of The Jesus And Mary Chain at their finest –

Over the Pacific to the US of A, stopping in Nashville first and a track from Adia Victoria. ‘Dead Eyes’ has also been out for a few months and is taken from her debut album “Beyond The Bloodhounds”. It’s a big, bold alt-blues/rock number that adds a subversive goth/punk element to the mix. The effect is compelling and this tune will be rattling around your head for a good while once heard – Up to Chicago and a new track from Loona Dae, ‘Die 4 U (prod by Loona Dae) ft Ora’. The track is a free-floating amalgam of funk, hip-hop and soul, with a positive, feel-good vibe and soaring vocals that’ll put a smile on your face – Across to the West Coast and LA’s Luna Shadows. ‘Waves’ is a tasty slice of uplifting electro-pop that brings a quiet, almost restrained sense of euphoria to proceedings that tip-toes up behind you and catches you unawares – Bringing more sounds of summer to the party are NYC’s LION BABE. ‘Still In Love ft Junglepussy’ is a reggae inspired, dub heavy number, that drips out of the speakers, spreading blissed-out vibes to lie back and drift away with –\. Staying in New York up next is a track from Stalking Gia, ‘Second Nature’. A funky, slowed-down bass line keeps this indie-pop number swaying along and sounding like a mellowed out Stevie Nicks – Back to LA and the latest from Billie Eilish, ‘Six Feet Under’. This is a beautiful, elegant folk-tinged pop song with a air of melancholy to her haunting vocals that lingers long after the music has finished – Completing the American road-trip is a track from NYC based Swellebound, ‘RIFLE’. The song blends elements of alt-pop/new wave/shoegaze into a fuzzy, gently swaying whole and that pulls off the trick of sounding both retro and fresh –

Home shores next beginning with a band from just over the border in Mold, Lights That Change. ‘Driver’ is a 90’s influenced alt/indie-rock tune which recalls bands such as Lush and Echobelly, which is no bad thing, all floaty vocals and woozy guitar – To London next and a track from Junior Empire. ‘West Coast’ is a big, anthemic indie-pop tune, that builds into a huge chorus and spiralling guitar line, laden with pop hooks to ensnare you – Back with new material is singer/songwriter Keaton Henson. ‘Alright’ is just stunning, his distinctive, gorgeous vocal and a piano conveying so much emotion and depth. If you’ve not come across Keaton before then I heartily encourage you to check out his previous albums, you’ll not be disappointed – Another local talent next, Liverpool based Elfin Bow. Her latest, ‘The Wisdom’, is a delicate folk number, beautifully sung and that transports you to another world – If you’re in or around Liverpool this Thursday then catch her at the View Two Gallery in the city. Back down to London and a new track from Laura Misch, ‘In-Between’. This is a mellow, jazz-infused number with some truly mesmerising saxophone and a warm, soft vocal that will have you nodding appreciatively and pressing repeat – Rounding off this week’s Adventures is a new tune from Manchester’s Tourist Attractions, ‘Million Miles Away’. This is indie with attitude, swagger and the musical chops to back this up. If you want an indie-rock tune to get you pumped then look no further, this ticks all the boxes and then some –

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