Adventures In Music -26.06.16-02.07.16

After a somewhat topsy-turvy week culminating in some rather big news personally (I’ll not bore you with the details) it’s good to know that there is still plenty of really rather good new music out there to take refuge in. The globe-trotting this week takes in North America, Australia, Europe (think I can still say including the UK) with our starting point being in Japan………

With Tokyo based electronic duo N-qia. The latest track from Nozomi & Takma is entitled ‘glitter’ and it’s a dreamy, floaty piece of pop music that will soothe away your troubles and allow you to gently drift off on a fluffy white cloud. Not understanding Japanese the meaning of the lyrics are, in this instance, less important than their sound and Nozomi’s vocals are warm and enchanting, allowing you to lose yourself in the music – From Denmark, but currently residing in Berlin, is singer/songwriter Agnes Obel. Her new single ‘Familiar’ is distinctive and hauntingly atmospheric, her voice set against violin, cellos and a plaintive sounding piano. The backing vocals are part operatic, part Gregorian chant and give the song a unique feel – Another Scandinavian living elsewhere is DAGNY, now calling London home having moved from Tromso in Norway. ‘Fool’s Gold’ is a big, anthemic pop number complete with a soaring chorus and pop hooks aplenty to lodge themselves in your head –

Canada is the next destination, beginning with Montreal’s Aaricia. Her track ‘The Ruler’ is the title song from her new EP and it’s a slice of deliciously dark and twisted pop. The vocals are smoky, alluring and a perfect fit for the lyrics which touch on relationships and control. Definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on – Also hailing from Montreal is Daniela Andrade. New from her is ‘Digital Age’, a slow-burning, sensual pop number, with a hint of jazz and melancholy to it. A torch song for the social media world – Over to Australia and firstly a new song from Melbourne based Tyto Tyto. ‘Ad Libbing For Him’ is further evidence of her unique musical talent. Her work is always so different yet always so special. This track is just under nine and a half minutes of acoustic bliss, her voice capturing and holding your attention with seemingly effortless ease. Quite simply this is just beautiful – Brisbane is our next port of call and our reason for stopping here is Ella Metherell. Her latest ‘Evil Child’ is a sharply worded piece of indie-folk that wraps its clever lyrics in an aural velvet glove. The song sounds like the younger, less rocky, more mellow sister of Courtney Barnett –

Home shores for the next batch of songs, starting with London based HEAVY HEART. New track ‘High Dive’ is lighter, poppier than some of their more recent material, but it still wears its indie heart proudly on its sleeve. The vocals are hypnotic, almost Shirley Manson like and they, along with the guitars, ensure this track eases its way into your brain – New from Mabel is ‘Thinking Of You’, a r&b influenced pop gem, with an easy-going rhythm and a summertime vibe to raise spirits and put a smile on your face – Over to the Isle of Wight next and the new song from RHAIN, ‘Josephine’. The tune blends the sense of drama and theatricality of Kate Bush with a folk sensibility to produce a very distinctive and appealing sound and unique story-telling style – Final track from the UK takes us back to London for the latest from Arctic Lake, ‘Friend’. This is crisp, fragile sounding electro-pop, with an ethereal vocal swirling beguilingly over the top –

This week’s Adventures are rounded off in the US, touching down first in Nashville, for the latest release from CAPPA, ‘Mad About U’. This is big and bold, blending elements of electro-pop, alt/r&b and hip-hop to devastating effect. This track will lay waste to dancefloors everywhere and positions CAPPA as the next global star in waiting – Up to Seattle and the latest from Liyv. ‘V Lonely’ is sweet sounding pop song with a sorrowful, melancholic centre that wraps itself around you and holds you tight – Down to Tupelo, Mississippi for a track from brothers Khalif and Aaquil Brown aka Rae Sremmurd, ‘#DoYoga’. This is woozy, mellow hip-hop, with laid-back beats but the lyrics are razor sharp as is the vocal delivery – Back to Nashville and the new song from meikomusic, ‘We All Fall Down’. The track gently weaves its spell, blending elements of folk, country and Americana, wrapped together with a gorgeous, understated vocal – Cannons are a trio from Los Angeles and their latest is ‘Mood Ring’. This a smooth, sultry electro-pop number that sashays confidently out of your speakers. It doesn’t seek to overpower you but instead, slowly but surely, seduces you with its charms – Final track of the week comes from NYC based Class Actress. ‘Glass Ceiling’ is synth-pop with a twist, merging the vocals of Lana Del Ray with the offbeat touch of a Bjork. It’s very much her own sound though and the track has a hazy quality all of its own –

As always hope there is something here you liked, please feel free to comment and hopefully you’ll come along for the ride again next week……

Playlist –


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