Adventures In Music – 10.07.16-16.07.16

A tumultuous week, be it the horrific events in Nice, the attempted coup in Turkey or the murder of Pakistani female social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch. A week to be grateful for all that I have and a week to recognise that music can be something that unites us, that appeals to our shared humanity, rather than something that divides. So with that thought in mind and without wishing to appear blase, it is time to begin this week’s Adventures.

Beginning in Sydney with the latest tune from singer Lupa J. ‘Game’ is a graceful electro-pop number, an oasis of calm amidst the storm. From her breathy, almost hushed vocals to the insistent, but not forcefully so, beats, the song gently cajoles and takes you by the hand. A song to treat your ears with – Bordeaux is the next stop and a track from singer/producer Nuit Ocean, ‘Falling Night’. This is the very definition of blissful, be it the laid-back beats or the haunting, almost mournful, vocals. The song softly engulfs you, letting you drift safely away – To Canada next and first up a singer with roots in Canada’s extremities, Corner Brook in Newfoundland and Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, Allison Crowe and Band. ‘Silence’ has folk and country influences running through it but given her unique spin. Her voice quivers with emotion throughout and the melancholic strings only add to the poignancy of the song, which sends shivers down your spine – Next up are Toronto residents Twist. ‘Can’t Wait’ is spiky indie-pop/rock, with razor sharp guitars scratching through the hazy vocals and shuffling drums. This track really is all kinds of wonderful –

The next batch of songs are all from the UK, kicking off with Manchester three-piece DARMA. The title track of their EP ‘Milk’ is the sound of Mudhoney if they’d grown-up in the north west of England rather than Seattle, which is to say it a powerful, grunge-tinged slice of alt-rock with a caustic vocal to lacerate your ear-drums – Very different is the latest from Rachel Gaskin-Whitrod. ‘This Wild Beauty’ is a track of ethereal, diaphanous beauty, her vocals drifting over the muted electronica to captivating effect – Bournemouth on the south coast of England is home to Jazz Morley and her latest is ‘Take Me Down’. This is a lush electro-pop number, that blooms and swells on the back of her warm, engaging vocals and will leave you with a warm glow inside – Bristol based duo Meadowlark‘s latest is entitled ‘Quicksand’. This a beautiful, poetic indie/electro-pop tune, with a devastatingly simple yet catchy chorus that will lodge itself into your head quicker than you can say earworm – London next and the new track from Aluna George, ‘Mean What I Mean’. This is a sexy, funky, hip-shaking, foot-stomper of a tune that’ll have temperatures reaching sultry wherever it is played – Rounding things off in the UK is the newest track from Glasgow’s Honeyblood, ‘Ready For The Magic’. If a blistering yet melodic alt-rock number with plenty of swagger and attitude is what you’re after then look no further. This track has them in abundance as well as killer harmonies and scuzzy guitar. Needs to be played loud! –

The rest of this week’s picks all come from over the pond in the US. First up is another artist signed to Burger Records, Tracy Chase. Her latest, ‘Lonely World’, is a lo-fi alt-rock tune. Its shimmering guitars cast a spell and the tinny beats insistently propel the track along. Burger Records are rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels, consistently releasing quality tuneage – On to an artist who over the course of the last couple of weeks has served up some perfectly packaged musical gifts. The artist in question is Jenny Jumble and she is currently ( and unbelievably ) unsigned. ‘Dragon’ could be pigeon-holed as electronica, but this track takes electronica by the scruff of the neck and gives it a good shake. This is a seriously woozy number, off-kilter and mysterious, calling to you from the shadows – LA is home to AMES MUSIC and ‘Harder’ is an indie/electro-pop stunner, its sedate beats making this as smooth as velvet and blissfully beguiling – Down to Nashville next and a track from singer/songwriter Charley Woods. ‘Maybe’ is a traditional, what you see (or hear) is what you get folk song, but when the vocals are as good as they are here, resonating with emotion and crystal clear, then you don’t really need anything else – Back to LA and the latest from Iona, ‘Taking Me Under’ which features Kevin Davy White. The contrast between the respective vocals is what really sets this track apart and they, plus the bluesy twang to the guitar, bring the track to life – Hailing from the Midwest, Hillary Reynolds and Hannah Christianson have come together to form The Arrow and The Bow. Their debut track ‘Stay Awake’ is a thing of beauty, as their voices weave in and out, creating some incredibly delicate and affecting harmonies. The result is an uplifting folk/country number that will stay with you long after it has finished – Next port of call is NYC and a new track from Kiah Victoria. ‘I Ain’t Goin Nowhere’ is a slice of glitchy soulful heaven, with a warm, smooth vocal and it comes with a guarantee that you will not be able to keep still listening to it – Another Burger Records team member next, this time Yea-Ming & The Rumours. ‘I Will Make You Mine’ is a delightful 60’s infused indie-pop tune, that evokes images of California, sun, sea and sand – Brooklyn next and duo Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone aka Belle Mare. Their latest ‘How Much Longer’ is an ethereal alt-rock number, that swoops and swirls to hypnotic effect – LA once more, this time for a new track from MARZXLEON ‘L D’. This electro-pop tune is a slow-burning, haunting affair, with laid-back beats and the snatches of sampled vocals adding to rather than detracting from the song – Penultimate track this week comes from drea vibe dealer. The track is ‘like you.’ and it’s a lo-fi, chilled number that stylistically is incredibly simple but also incredibly infectious. The city of Chicago has quite a talent in residence – Final track in this weeks’s Adventures comes from LA’s BANKS., who is back with ‘Fuck With Myself’. It’s an alt/r&b bomb, with stripped back beats, those amazing vocals of hers, discordant strings and razor-sharp lyrics. The video (link provided) is pretty incredible too. Welcome back! –

That’s it for another week. See you next weekend for more Adventures In Music.

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