Adventures In Music -17.07.16-23.07.16

Lots of new tracks to share this week so probably best to keep the waffle to a minimum and dive straight in ………

First up is a track from sisters Anna & Sonia Kuprienko aka Bloom Twins. Born in the Ukraine but now living in London their latest ‘Amnesia’ is a slice of darkly melodic electro-pop that boasts rich, deep vocals and a slightly ominous air – Family ties are also present in Gloucestershire duo Ardyn, who are twins Katy & Rob Pearson. ‘Shadow Light’ is a soaring, multi-layered electro-pop tune that uses some clever turns of phrase in its lyrics and doesn’t forget to sprinkle some juicy hooks throughout – South Wales is home to four-piece Voes and with ‘Wait’ they have created a big, hands-in-the-air 80’s infused synth-pop number that will have you breaking out big hair, shoulder-pads and leg warmers in celebration – Manchester is the next stop and a new song from JJ Rosa. ‘Talk To Me’ successfully blends elements of alt-rock, pop and r&b into one powerful package. The glue that binds it all together is her extraordinary voice, which has a smoky, sultry quality to it that just grabs you and refuses to let go – The biggest thing to come out of Norwich since Alan Partridge are duo Rosa Walton & Jenny Hollingworth aka Let’s Eat Grandma. Taken from their debut album (which is one of the highlights of the year), new single ‘Sax In The City’ is a kaleidoscopic pop wonder. Their little-girl-lost vocals belie a lyrical content that plays on words and has at times a stream of consciousness quality to it and which is played out to a complex and fruitful musical background. If you haven’t already then check them out. Looking foward to seeing them in Manchester later this year – Back to South London for the final UK track. ‘Skwod’ is a new track from one of the rising stars of the UK hip-hop scene Nadia Rose. Words are wielded like daggers, each lyrical burst hitting its target and the beats, with their grime influences, give the track its distinctive UK flavour, setting it apart from US productions –

New from Sweden’s MIYNT is ‘After The Gold Rush’. This alt/electro-pop track has a woozy, hypnotic feel to it that wraps itself around you and waltzes you off into a musical dream-space – Copenhagen based trio IRAH are up next. ‘Mirroring’ is a sinuous, shadowy alt-pop tune that is utterly captivating as it twists and turns, rises and falls – All the way to Sydney for the next track. ‘Leadlight’ comes courtesy of Julia Jacklin and it’s a blend of indie, folk and country that has at its heart a delightful vocal and a deft, lightness of touch – Wellington, New Zealand is home to producer psyrok. His latest, ‘Lion Sun’, is a dubby, trip-hop inspired number that radiates positive, chilled vibes –\.  The next three tracks are all from Canadian artists, beginning with Montreal’s Elephant Stone. ‘Andromeda’ is a technicolour psych-rock tune, creating little sonic explosions in your brain – Staying in Montreal, we have the new one from Charlotte Cardin, ‘Dirty Dirty’. This is a sultry, seductive pop song that gets into your head and is in no hurry to leave – Final destination on this mini-tour of Canada is Ontario, home to Sages. ‘Kiss In Your Questions’ is a gentle, acoustic number that floats delicately through the ether –

The remaining half of this week’s tracks all come from the United States. First up is a singer originally from Tucson and now residing in Seattle, Jenn Champion. Signed to the Hardly Art record label, her latest ‘No One’ is a pulsatingly atmospheric electro track that rolls along on its bed of synths and beats – Over to the East Coast and DC for the next artist, Young Summer. ‘Paused Parade’ moves in stately, dreamlike-swirls, little bursts of piano and cymbals giving an almost jazz-like feel to the song – ‘Emergency’ is another track from Jenny Jumble that is bursting with ideas and creativity, the aural equivalent of narcotics on the brain, little sonic flashes lighting up those neurons – Jenny is also involved with the band Roving Sex Gang and their track ‘Fuzzy Math’ is the ever so slightly bonkers lovechild of Peaches and Detroit techno – To LA next and the very latest from one of my favourites, Ramsey, ‘The Garden’. The dark, brooding trip-hop beats provide a menacing backdrop over which her mesmeric, unique vocals can shine. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing Ramsey then catch-up with the rest of her tracks and prepare to be gobsmacked – Switching coasts again, this time to NYC and the latest from Dominique, ‘Love You Better’. Fusing pop and r&b this is sweet sounding gem of a tune, that skips merrily along – Racking up those air-miles, it’s back again to LA and a track from wens entitled ‘Bones’. This a moody slice of alt-pop that still manages to get its pop hooks into your ears as the song swells and rises – Up the coast and a new track from Seattle’s Liyv, ‘Now You Say You Love Me’. Displaying a gentle, ghost-like touch, this is light as a feather pop that is completely charming and welcoming – New from Syntherbelle is ‘Death, Your Living’ and it’s a lyrically astute pop song, reminiscent of Suzanne Vega with its mix of sunny pop sounds and knowing, clever use of words – NYC once again and this time a track from producer JESSAUDREY, ‘clear / /’. If it’s a little piece of sonic bliss that you’re after, with stretched out beats and that’s made with the head in mind, not just the feet, then look no further than this mellow concoction – Changing things up is the new one from LA based Bloodboy, ‘Hey Kid’. This is a shimmering alt-pop tune with a neon glow – Penultimate track comes from Chicago’s drea vibe dealer. ‘the division’ is another track that bears her distinctive touch, all woozy, laid-back beats and on this song, a mournful, plaintive vocal – So last but by no means least, the final track in this week’s Adventures comes from Regina Spektor. Her latest is ‘Bleeding Heart’ and it is a slightly quirky, offbeat alt-pop number with the lyrical quality that you expect from a Regina song and those crystal- clear vocals. Her new album is scheduled for release in September –

That wraps things up for another week. Please come along next week for more Adventures In Music……….

Playlist –


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