Adventures In Music -24.07.16-30.07.16

This week’s musical journey takes in just a few destinations but still manages to serve up some choice offerings for your perusal and delectation. There’s a strong homegrown flavour as well as a sprinkling of tracks from Ireland, Sweden, the US and our starting point this time around in New Zealand.

From Auckland and possessing one of the best band names I’ve come across in a while, are the delightfully monikered Kittens of The Internet. The duo, Mahuia & Katie’s latest track ‘Bitter’ is a seductively soft slice of electro-pop with a touch of melancholy at it’s heart that ever so gently wraps you in its embrace – From NZ to a singer from the city of Cork, Ireland who is now based in London. Louise Cunnane aka BLOOMS. newest offering is ‘Distance prod by P*nut’ which has a distinctly soulful slant to its electro-pop stylings. Her voice is cool and crystal clear and it too has a hint of sadness as well – Nexr stop is Sweden, with ‘Ivan Part 1 & 2’ from Stockholm based Ji Nilsson. The track, built around her exquisite vocal with little more than an unobtrusive piano for accompaniment, has a fragile beauty to it, floating on the gentlest of breezes –

The next batch of songs are all from the US, beginning with another track from the strange and glorious mind of Jenny Jumble. ‘Be OK’ sees her turn her talents to a more hip-hop influenced track, with hints of Cypress Hill in the loping beats and the air of anything could happen craziness. The Nico-esque spoken words and inspired use of vocal samples come together to create some unique sounding music – LA’s ZetaWave is up next. ‘Disconnecting’ is an acoustic, alt-rock number, her slightly gravelly vocal giving the song an added poignancy – Up the West Coast to Portland and five-piece Minden. Their latest ‘Love Is Bad’ is a laid-back, offbeat indie-pop tune, with a gentle dash of psychedelia mixed in for good measure that will have you humming along in no time – Back to LA and singer Ofelia K, whose latest is ‘Killing Me’ is a little slice of pop heaven. It manages to be playful, quirky and bittersweet and chock full of hooks – Up next is a track from Huey Daze, ‘My Foolish Heart’. This is chilled to perfection, a little taste of the Far East in its plucked strings being used to mesmeric effect – Final Stateside offering comes courtesy of MEGA aka Meghan Gibbs. ‘Power prod by Kazufro’ is a dreamy, mellow hip-hop/soul track, with laid-back beats and a hushed, quietly hypnotic vocal –

The remaining songs are all from UK artists, starting with a new band from right here in Chester. Mountainface are a trio, armed with guitars and a mandolin, playing contemporary folk. Debut track ‘How Many Roads’ manages to sound both timeless and modern, with the mandolin in particular setting the track apart. Throw in some lyrical dexterity and some appealing harmonies and you’ve got yourself a winner – Next port of call is just up the road in Manchester. Discotheque Royale are the band and their track ‘Gilmore Girls’ is a heady mix of laid-back funk, disco and electro. It sounds like Daft Punk playing underwater after they’ve taken a chill-pill and it’s rather beautiful – Welsh singer CASI is next up. New from her is ‘Golden Age Thinking’ which is a sweetly melodic pop tune. Her voice is soothing and calming and enables the track to wash over you and carry you away – Sheffield’s Knaves give us ‘Stranger’, a shimmering indie-pop tune, with jangly guitars and an upbeat vibe – Off to the capital next and a new track from one of my favourite bands of 2016, HEAVYHEART. ‘Fruitfly’ is a swoonsome, alt-rock number that firmly lodges itself in your brain and proceeds to throw a party. It’s gorgeous, shiny and totally addictive – Staying in London we have a track from four-piece Bloxx. ‘Curtains’ is a mellow, hazy indie-rock tune that resonates deep down, sonic pulses echoing off it – Rounding proceedings off this week is a new track from Natasha-Leigh Smith, ‘On My Own’. It’s a soulful r&b number that glides smoothly along on her silky vocals –

Enjoy the tracks and if you’ve liked what you’ve read or heard there will be more next week……….

Playlist –


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