Adventures in Music – Week 13

There’s only a relatively few new tracks to bring you this week so I’ll dive straight in and head over to Australia for the first track.

Based in Melbourne, the latest from Melwonder is ‘Moody Girl’. This is pop but not the bright & shiny kind. This is pop that isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty. Pop that comes alive after dark. It’s edgy. It’s very good – Lomboy are made up of members from Austria, France and Belgium. If single ‘In The Chamber of Vanu’ is anything to go by, greater European cooperation in music should be encouraged. This is a dreamy, woozy delight, with a psychedelic touch to it –

Jack + Eliza have featured in these pages before for the simple reason that they make beautiful music. ‘Quarter Past the Hour’ is no exception, featuring more of their to die for harmonies. Can’t fail to put a smile on your face – Fellow New Yorker Diane Birch is also possessed of a quite extraordinary voice, as shown on her new track ‘Ordinary Angels’. This is so simple, with just a piano accompanying her. Simple and lovely – Crystal Castles are back with a bang. ‘Deicide’ bounces along merrily, with the vocals weaving in and out. Dance music but not just for the dance floor –

Straddling both sides of the Atlantic are itsXING, with roots in both LA and London. ‘Fate’ is a big, sing-a-long affair, reminiscent of Tom Petty –

Masakichi are a three-piece from London. ‘Spring’ is a glorious alt-pop song, with a hint of gothic to it – Final entry of this update is Ivy Lane. I know very little about her except to say that ‘Black Helicopters’ is a quite stunning electro-pop number, quietly restrained and elegant –

That’s it for now, back same time next week for more adventures in music!

Please feel free to comment or let me know what you think, thanks all….


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